Saturday, July 14, 2012

Add just a dash of neon...

What a colorful summer this is shaping up to be!  My break from writing the last few months has been the result of a handful of exciting projects and travels...please forgive my absence, but I promise to share details in the weeks to come.  Cross my heart.

I'm dubbing this the "summer of inspiration" to reflect the many things seemingly popping up around me that cause my imagination to many inspirational people sharing their talents, so much bloom in nature and adjacent growth in my own family, such a paintbox of colors currently hitting their stride in fashion, and an unlimited number of ways to improve our lives and those around us in the world.  This inspiration has fueled my need to if I need more fuel.  My hubs quietly observes me transform open surfaces in our home into a whirling dervish of craft space bits at a time, but never blows the whistle to stop.  He's such a patient fella.

I never thought I'd be transfixed by neon colors the way I was back in 1987, sporting my neon green bike shorts with a side-knotted tee.  And while I'm grateful to say I won't be re-visiting that outfit again, I am amazed at the ways a pop of neon can update a neutral palette.  I'll admit I was slow to embrace the neon trend of SS12, given my past history (sends a shudder), but as I've watched others - especially the slew of talented fashion bloggers on the web - seamlessly add brights to their wardrobes, I happily jumped back on the bandwagon.

One such blogger, who I find immensely creative and just flat out cool, is Geneva from A Pair and A Spare.  She's an Australian now living in Hong Kong, churning out fashionable DIY like no one else. About a year ago, she posted a project where she had transformed a thrifted necklace into a trendy treasure with a few coats of neon spray paint.

{Find Geneva's project here}
I LOVE, love, love this idea and decided to give it a try last month.  I sought out a vintage rhinestone necklace from one of my fav local shops for a little over $20.  Armed with a can of neon pink spray paint, I took an afternoon to give the necklace a few good coats, waiting until one coat had fully dried before applying another.

Imagine my delight when the finished product turned out just as I had hoped...super bright and just right for layering!  I gave it a go when judging the Miss New Mexico Pageant, pairing it with another vintage rhinestone necklace and a new neon yellow love from Bauble Bar, atop a RACHEL Rachel Roy dress.

Now I say, "Bring on the neon!"  Besides, a dash along the neckline is far safer than trying to make the bike shorts fashionable again.

Enjoy a colorful summer!

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