Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Outdoor Movie Night

I'm an August baby; born in the dog days of Summer when lasting rays of sunshine delight during the day and cool breezes swing at night.  It's truly my favorite time of year in part because it seems to last forever.  Last August my family tried something new and hosted a small outdoor movie night, which was perfect for soaking up those last drops of Summer before the kidlets headed back to school.  This morning I was fondly reminded of that night while assembling school supplies for next week's start of the school year.  

It was the perfect little end of Summer celebration and I hope to carry it on as a tradition.  The eaves of our old farmhouse's porte-cochère provided just the right space for a movie screen, while two pairs of friends brought a movie projector and beautiful smiles.  We provided well-worn quilts to lay on the lawn, as well as a grilled dinner and plenty of popcorn.  A string of vintage bulb lights provided just the right ambiance and plastic burger baskets and paper liners from Crate & Barrel held our goodies securely.  When the sun finally settled into its resting place for the night, we sat back to enjoy Rodgers & Hammerstein's The Sound of Music under the stars.  It was magical...and I'll remember it forever.

{BIG thanks to marvelous friend Kelly Armijo for capturing the evening with her delicious photos!}

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