Friday, August 12, 2011

Say it like it is!

Like so many, I am a huge fan of Janell at the wildly popular blog Isabella and Max Rooms.  I’ve had the great privilege of working with her throughout the summer on an article for the Holiday issue of her fabulous new online magazine House of Fifty (click here to see the current Fall issue).  Not only are her designs inspirational, but her personal philosophy on life and how to live it is as well.  Last Saturday, she shared a little something spotted on a friend’s Facebook page:

Oh, how I needed to see this!  It went zing, straight to my soul.  Women have such a tendency to compare aspects of our lives against another’s, and the outcome is usually a wash of self-doubt or jealousy…never pretty and certainly never productive.  Only when we celebrate each other’s unique strengths, gifts and blessings will we be able to do the same for ourselves.

This beautiful little sign was truly the perfect pick-me-up and a gently reminder to seek more joy.  I love signs, sayings and verses that prompt me to think more clearly throughout the day.  When scattered throughout the house or on beloved items, they act like a sigh…soothing my spirit or re-energizing my thoughts.

This week, I combed through my Etsy favorites for artists offering similar reminders.  I like to think of them as nuggets of wisdom wrapped in a chic little package and delivered with a wink.
"Wishes Machine" from her Pep Art Collection, $26-36.00

"Three Vintage Posters" 13x19, $79.00

"Choose Joy" from her Pep Art Collection, $25-35.00

"You Are Loved" Wooden Bangle Bracelet with Stamped Text, $28.00

"Be Glad for This is the Moment" Tiny Text Bowl, $22.00

"Make Haste" Leather Luggage Tag, $12.95
(As a Jane Austen fan, this tag makes my heart race!  I love it!)

"To a Life Full of Love" Leather Luggage Tag, $12.95


  1. :) Katie I was hoping to see another Friday afternoon post though this was richer than I expected. Looking for another "fashion Friday" post, I instead found motivation for contentment (not contemptment-which we are prone to).

    Thank you for your transparency and example.

  2. Wonderful post! I love all those little "reminders" too. My favorite is the Roosevelt quote-I need to post that on my mirror. And the "Because everything is relative, choose joy" one. So glad you shared it. :) Andrea