Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Fresh Start

I don’t recall if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year, but I do know that Spring seems in full swing.  However, “doubt” was the word around my house the Sunday before last, as the first official day of Spring dealt those of us in Southern Oregon a full helping of snow.  I began to wonder if Spring would dare to show in the midst of such crazy conditions.  And then it did…in the form of new life.  A good friend delivered a beautifully healthy baby girl, little green blades of grass began peeking through the desolate landscape of our front lawn, and we had a front row pass to the first prances of our baby goats.

I’m convinced that there are few things in this world that give you a new lease on life than watching the boundless joy of a young thing.  By design, it seems to tap into your own youth – regardless of where you stand in age – and reinvigorate your desire to simply love the moment you’re in.  I see this phenomenon frequently in my own parents as they interact with my children.  As a self-proclaimed beauty product junkie, take it from me that the elixir of youth is not found in a bottle (although a good retinol based anti-aging serum does wonders for the skin – more on that later!)…my friends, it just takes a moment with the wonders of Spring to awash you in a fresh start.  Be it foliage or something furry, take a moment today to find inspiration in new life.  Now if there were only an elixir to maximize the desire to Spring clean…